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UNI-T is an excellent multimeter manufacturer (Uni-Trend) and their multimeters have a worldwide reputation and a large following. the UT61 series is the brand’s top product and while some cheaper manufacturers tend to release cheaper products, this usually has good accuracy and speed worthy of much praise and acclaim.

Uni-T uses the PDCA model to plan, continuously improve and actively implement our top quality management system, which is also based on the ISO 9001 international quality standard system. Uni-Trend’s applicable and effective management system has a positive impact on the quality of products and works through strict and effective monitoring. In the face of the rapid technological advances of today’s society, Uni-Trend adheres to the goal of producing products of the highest quality standards through continuous research and development. Uni-Trend’s team of R&D engineers and technologists is focused on creating high-quality, diverse and competitive products. During product development, Uni-Trend emphasizes innovation and safety to ensure that all new products meet the needs of our customers and meet safety standards from a global perspective.

Uni-T Trend Buyer’s Guide

Uni-T Trend offers reliable measuring devices that meet all international safety standards. What’s more, these are innovative products with modern designs at affordable prices. Uni-T Trend offers a wide range of Uni-T products, such as multimeters, meters, testers, and oscilloscopes.

  • Multimeters

Like many low to mid-level multimeters, it fits into a budget, so compromises were made in some areas. However, it has a nice stand and one-piece holster, as well as a tongue-and-groove assembly in the case and a nice battery compartment with fixed terminals. While the case is sturdy enough and the buttons and dial selector feel good, it lacks attention to detail at the component level. Hobbyists using this tester may not be overly concerned about the lack of input protection.

  • Thermal Imaging Camera

This affordable and very popular UNI-T thermal imaging camera is very popular among international bloggers. Especially because of the high resolution (256×192) and the large temperature range (-20 to 550 degrees Celsius). The perfect tool for contractors, builders, engineers, and DIY homeowners. An essential tool for inspecting electrical panels, troubleshooting HVAC problems, home improvement, and troubleshooting hid heat sources inside and outside the house. Find hidden electrical problems, energy loss, water damage, electrical and mechanical failures, and other heat-related issues.

  • Laser Rangefinders

Every year, technological advances increasingly affect our daily and professional lives. Even something as insignificant as a tape measure, which is irreplaceable in construction and high-precision repair work, has digital analog. It was called a laser rangefinder and soon after it appeared on the market, it started to be called a laser tape measure.

The main advantage of a laser tape measure over a regular tape measure is that it can measure quite long distances quickly and easily without the help of anyone. In addition, such devices can very accurately measure the length, height and width of various objects, as well as their area and volume.

What Are the Benefits of Uni-T Thermal Imager?

1. Discover Hidden Problems

Thermal imaging is an advanced technology that can indicate many potential flaws in heat distribution throughout a building. If there are any air leaks, thermal imaging can highlight these for you, ensuring that your building’s heating economy is maintained. To detect air leaks, it is recommended that you check for temperature changes around roofs, windows and doors that can be identified by color; clearly indicating the location of air escaping.

2. Perform Home Inspection

A thermal imaging survey allows you to identify any problems with heat transfer in your home. If your property is prone to losing energy, your electric bills can be very high, but using thermal imaging, you can identify the location of energy loss so you know which areas need attention and repair. The fact that thermal imaging cameras are portable makes them ideal for assessing moisture damage and its severity. unt-T thermal imaging reports provide greater convenience and reliability for your property’s structure.

3. Lower Costs

Thermal imaging may seem expensive, but you’ll find it’s much cheaper than the energy costs of upgrades and maintenance costs that could have been avoided before the failure occurred! A thermal imaging survey will enable you to address areas where money is being wasted, thus ensuring that your valuable funds are spent wisely and that your industrial building or home is as cost and energy-efficient as possible.

    Uni-T-UTi120 Thermal Camera Imager Detail Specs

    Uti120 mobile is a thermal imaging camera for smartphones. It is small, portable and easy to operate. Users can get started quickly and find problems more easily. The images are clear and responsive and can quickly detect temperatures up to 400°C. It is a must-have key tool for checking switchboards, troubleshooting attacks or eliminating hidden heat sources inside and outside the home.

    UNI-T UTi120 Mobile Thermal Camera

    -Image capture.
    -Video recording.
    -Easy App Control.
    -Quick and easy analysis on a smart phone.
    -Android USB-C & Micro USB Switching.
    -Extension cord for multiple uses.
    -No batteries. No charging.

    How does it work?

    1. Free download and Easy App Control (Android 6.0 and above).
    2. Transform your android phone/tablet into an all-purpose thermal imaging camera.
    3. Find and fix faster by seeing problems invisible to the naked eye.
    4. For use at home, job site, and more.

    More features

    -Visible and thermal image fusion.
    -Image capturing modes. Take photos or videos.
    -Image format. JPG.
    -IR resolution. 120 x 90 pixels
    -℃/℉ switch. Range: -20℃~400℃(-4℉~752℉).
    -7 palettes: Iron Red, Rainbow, Grayscale, Red hot, Black White, Lava, High-Contrast Rainbow.
    -3 display modes: Thermal, blending(blend with image of mobile phone ), PIP.
    -Thumb-Sized. 2.4”x1.4”x1.2”. 0.88oz/25g. Compact.
    -Measurement accuracy: ±2℃/±2%.
    -Field of view (FOV) 50°x 38°
    -Thermal sensitivity (NETD) < 60mk
    -Adjustable emissivity from 0.1 to 0.99.
    -2-meter drop durability.
    -Programmable Hi-Low limits of the visual and audible alarms for wider and safer applications.

      UNI-T UTi120T Pocket Thermal Imager Camera Video Review

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        What are the most important features to consider before buying a Uni-T thermal imaging camera?

        What are the most important features to consider before buying a thermal imaging camera?

        Buying the perfect Uni-t thermal imager cameras for you is quite a task, and we don’t want you to do it without having proper info about its must-have features. That being said, these are the essential features you need to consider before you buy a thermal imaging camera.


        There are several focus mechanisms to choose from, and it is important to consider your skill level as well as the type of application you choose to focus on. The following are common focus mechanisms.

        • Fixed: Easy to aim and shoot
        • Manual: precise incremental focus
        • Autofocus: automatically focuses on the target, but may require manual adjustment
        • Laser-assisted autofocus: calculates the distance to the target using the built-in laser rangefinder
        • Multi-focus: Capture and store multiple images of the target from different focal lengths and use software to blend them into a single image with ultra-sharp depth-of-field detail. For example, Fluke Corp. calls the implementation of this technology MultiSharp™ Focus.

        Temperature Range

        The maximum and minimum temperatures you will encounter during your inspection determine the temperature range you need for your thermal imaging camera. Alternatively, select a camera with a wide temperature range that will automatically select the temperature range according to your scene or allow you to select the temperature range manually.

        Lens Options

        Cameras that let you change lenses add to your versatility, allowing you to examine more types of equipment and situations. There are many options for many applications – standard, wide angle, telephoto and macro.

        Pixel resolution

        If your camera fails to give you a high-quality thermal image, it will become tough for you to make an accurate error identification of the area or object that you’re examining. The higher the resolution is, the better you can zoom into the suspected object and make your job easier. You shouldn’t buy a thermal imager camera that offers less than 4800-pixel resolution.

        Battery type and life

        Look for batteries with useful features, such as a battery level indicator. There’s nothing worse than starting a check without knowing the status of your battery. Also, consider long battery life and fast charging capability.

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            The Frequency Asked Questions Of Uni-T Thermal Cameras

            Uni-t Thermal Imager Cameras FAQ ?

            Uni-t Uti260B Thermal imaging cameras tend to work better at night, but it has nothing to do with the state of the surrounding environment being light or dark.

            Rather, because the ambient temperature – and, more importantly, the core temperature of otherwise-unheated objects and environments – is nearly always significantly lower at night than during sunlight hours, thermal imaging sensors are able to display warm areas at higher contrast.

            Even on relatively cool days, heat energy from the sun will be gradually absorbed by buildings, roads, vegetation, construction materials and more while ever it’s daylight outside. And, for every degree these sorts of objects gain in ambient temperature over the course of the day, they become less clearly distinguishable from other warm objects the camera’s sensor is being used to detect and highlight.

            For the same reason, most thermal imaging cameras will display warm objects in sharper contrast after several hours of darkness, rather than just after the sun sets – and, even during full daylight hours, they’ll usually be more effective in the early morning than in the middle of the afternoon.

            This tool is only good for heat sources. For water leaks, check out Youtube it shows a simple way to check for leaks. Otherwise, your best bet is to pressure test your pipes, expensive and needs big machinery.

            Uni-t Uti120T Thermal Imager cameras don’t tend to work well underwater. The reasons are, in part, related to the issues with glass outlined above.

            Water blocks a lot of infrared wavelengths, much as an opaque barrier blocks visible light wavelengths. In the same way that we can’t see through paint, infrared sensors can’t ‘see’ through any significant depth of water, because the waves it detects don’t pass through water easily.

            Water also provides another challenging issue for IR cameras, related to thermal conductivity and specific heat. Water has a much higher heat capacity than air, requiring four times as much energy to raise or lower the temperature of an equivalent volume by one degree.

            In practical terms, this means that objects lose (or gain) their own heat energy relative to water much faster, and over shorter distances. For thermal imaging purposes, objects are therefore naturally harder to differentiate when submerged than they would be in the air.

            Well, no – but to be fair, they don’t ‘see through’ anything at all. A thermal imaging camera detects the surface temperature of the first object in its line of sight; point one at a wall or other solid surface, and it will register the heat being radiated outward by that surface

            Because most buildings are engineered and insulated to trap heat, exterior thermographic imaging seldom reveals much about what’s going on inside and vice versa. There are some caveats here: an IR camera can be used to detect extreme heat radiating from behind a wall (such as in the case of a house fire), because the wall itself would quickly heat up too.

            Similarly, some thermal cameras are sensitive enough (up to +/- 0.01 Celsius) to register the warmth given off by a person, for instance, standing against the opposite side of a sufficiently thin (and cold!) wall – but only if they remain in place long enough for their own body heat to partially transfer through the materials of the wall in that spot.

            It’s a self-contained rechargeable battery.

            Yes,we have it in stock and we can ship it out soon.

            yes,all of our products are freeshipping all over the world.

            This tool is only good for heat sources. For water leaks, check out You tube it shows simple way to check for leaks. Otherwise your best bet is to pressure test your pipes, expensive and needs big machinery.

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