Noyafa: Leading Test & Measurement Brand

Noyafa brand focuses on the development, production, and sales of communication network testing, integrated wiring, and instrumentation products. The main products are wire tracer, LCD cable tester, cable length tester, CCTV monitoring tester, underground wire locator, laser distance meter and other testing tools. As one of the manufacturers of measuring instruments and metal detectors, NOAAFA has a wide range of measuring instruments, such as infrared thermal scanners, non-contact voltage testers, etc.

Noyafa Thermal Imager pursues the ultimate in thermal imaging technology and continues to innovate with 2 million visible pixels and 1024 thermal imaging pixels clearly visible to provide high-resolution thermal information for safe and efficient operation. Built for everyday use with a wide range of applications In schools, factories, office buildings, etc.

Noyafa Buyer’s Guide

  • Thermal imager

The Noyafa thermal imaging feature and displays hot and cold spots on the screen, allowing users to observe object temperature changes more effectively. It helps you to target areas quickly. With 8GB memory card as standard, it can save a large number of images and data, generate high quality infrared images, and is a good tool for troubleshooting and maintenance.

  • Laser distance meter

As one of the laser rangefinder manufacturer and laser level supplier, Noyafa produces different types of laser rangefinders, if you want laser rangefinder, we have red laser for indoor measurement, green laser rangefinder for outdoor measurement. Different ranges 50m/60m/70m/80m/100m/120m. Multifunctional options, electric bubble, Bluetooth, voice broadcasting, rechargeable lithium battery, etc. Laser tape measure is another good choice for Noyafa, user 2 functions in one product, allowing you to measure with only one hand. No matter what your job is, the laser rangefinder will help you take longer and more accurate measurements and save you time and money in more situations. In addition, the laser level, mainly used in domestic applications and construction. Noyafa offers high quality laser, digital and electronic tools for all leveling tasks including surveying, inspection, positioning, checking and testing.

  • CCTV Monitor tester

Noyafa has CCTV surveillance testers, CCTV camera testers, and HD CCTV testers. The series has two models NF-IPC715 and NF-IPC716ADH, which are widely used in security surveillance. Their main features.

  1. Large touch screen.
  2. 8MP CVI/TVI/AHD/SDI camera testing.
  3. H.265/H.264, mainstream 4K video display.
  4. Fast ONVIF, create a test report.
  5. RJ45 TDR cable test, cable quality test.
  6. Support a variety of ONVIF head and analog head control.
  7. Built-in Wi-Fi, display images from wireless cameras, create WIFI hotspots.

How can We Get Benefits from Noyafa Thermal Imager?

1. Building / House Thermal Imaging

  • Analyze your office, industrial or residential building.
  • Identify floor heating leaks and facilitate rehabilitation plans.
  • Effectively locate thermal weak points and develop energy-saving measures.
  • Cost control of new or renovated buildings and quality assurance.

2. Industrial Thermal Imaging

Industrial thermography is used in industry in a variety of industrial fields. In mechanical engineering, for example, this involves measuring the temperature of gearboxes, bearings, compressors, hydraulic systems, motors, etc. The aim is to reduce overheating, motor and bearing wear. In the field of temperature monitoring of cooling systems, steam pipes, fans, turbines, steam boilers, pipelines, etc., thermal imaging is used for monitoring and early detection of damage. In addition, overheating detection in generators and power distribution is an important part of the application area of infrared cameras in industrial production. On the other hand, permanently installed devices are used for continuous monitoring and are increasingly used for process optimization in glass production, welding processes, coating lines, textile printing, etc.

3. Contactless Temperature Measurement

We are currently in an unprecedented situation globally, which is becoming more and more common here: Covid-19! We still can’t say for sure how this will end. Everyone is talking about regulations and measures to protect, and one of them is on people and their body temperature! We are already in the middle of thermal imaging because measuring temperature is one of our core competencies. We use thermal imaging every day and are well trained in how to use it properly.

4. Elektrothermografie Diagnosis

Reliable detection by high-resolution thermal imaging reliably identifies potential weaknesses. noyafa NF-521 is a non-destructive thermal imaging test and non-contact inspection for preventive diagnosis of power generation, transmission and distribution as well as for inspection of control cabinets. Thus, thermal imaging of electrical systems allows easy analysis of weaknesses in the system without interrupting production. According to the characteristics of Noyafa NF-521 thermal imaging can be well used for non-contact maintenance and diagnosis of equipment technology. It provides diagnostic engineers with more secure, comprehensive information and technology, thus increasing system availability.

    Noyafa NF-521 Thermal Camera Imager Detail Specs

    Noyafa NF-521 is a contactless thermal imaging device. It is portable, and easy to operate. Users can get started quickly and find problems more easily. The images are clear and responsive and can quickly detect temperatures up to 400°C. It is a must-have key tool for checking switchboards, troubleshooting attacks, or eliminating hidden heat sources inside and outside the home.

    Thermal Imaging Device NF-521

    Brand Name: Noyafa
    Model Number: NF-521
    Temperature measurement range: -10~400℃
    Color: Red+Grey
    Power: 3.7V Lithium battery


    1. Infrared temperature measurement
    2. Temperature measurement range -10~400℃
    3. Basic accuracy ±2% or ±2.0℃
    4. Emissivity adjustable 0.1~0.99
    5. Measuring resolution 0.1℃
    6. Response time 150ms
    7. Spectral band 8~14um
    8. Thermal imaging technique
    9. Thermal imaging resolution 32*32(1024 pixels)
    10. Electronic shutter No

    More features

    -Visible light camera 2 megapixels
    -Display resolution Thermal imaging, thermal mixing, digital camera
    -Color palettes Ironbow,iridescence, Grayscale
    -Infrared spectral bandwidth 8~14μm
    -FOV 33° horizontal
    -IFOV 18 mrad
    -Thermal imaging sensitivity 150mk
    -Frame rate ≤9Hz
    -Image format BMP
    -General parameters
    -Monitor 2.4 & rdquo; TFT LCD
    -Display resolution 320*240 pixels
    -Battery 3.7V/2600mAh
    -Automatic shutdown function Yes
    -Certification CE
    -SD card 8GB TF card
    -Working temperature -10℃~45℃
    -Drop-proof 2m
    -Standard accessories manual, USB cable, 8GB micro TF card

      Noyafa NF-521 Contactless Thermal Imaging Device Video Review

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        What are the most important features to consider before buying a Noyafa thermal imaging camera?

        Whether you choose a simple dumb camera or a high-end thermal imaging camera with all the bells and whistles, here are some key features and specifications you should consider.


        The focus directly affects the quality of the image and the accuracy of the temperature measurements captured using the thermal imaging camera. In fact, a blurry image can be worse than no image at all. If your image is out of focus, your measurement may be off by 20 degrees or more. Be sure to select a focus type (fixed, manual, or automatic) that matches the typical distance of your inspection target.


        The materials used for thermal imaging lenses determine the efficiency of infrared energy transfer to the detector, which directly affects image quality. Losing too much-infrared energy through the optics can result in a loss of image detail. Germanium is the most efficient material for transferring energy to the detector and is used in conjunction with special coatings in higher-quality IR camera lenses.

        Lens Options

        Cameras that let you change lenses add to your versatility, allowing you to examine more types of equipment and situations. There are many options for many applications – standard, wide-angle, telephoto and macro.

        Detector resolution (pixels)

        The materials used for thermal imaging lenses determine the efficiency of infrared energy transfer to the detector, which directly affects image quality. Losing too much-infrared energy through the optics can result in loss of image detail. Germanium is the most efficient material for transferring energy to the detector and is used in conjunction with special coatings in higher-quality IR camera lenses.

        Field of View

        The field of view (FOV) is closely related to the detector resolution when determining image quality. FOV defines the area seen by the imager at any given moment. FOV requirements vary from application to application. For example, a wider FOV is better suited for inspecting buildings or viewing circuit boards at close range. At long distances, smaller objects benefit from an imager with a narrow FOV.

        Spatial Resolution

        Since both detector resolution and FOV play a key role in IR image detail, you will be happy to know that spatial resolution (in mRad) takes both into account. Spatial resolution can be thought of as a way to define the smallest object size that can be detected. The lower the value of spatial resolution, the better the detail and image quality.

        Save Images

        Save IR and digital images and in some cases voice annotations to internal memory, removable SD cards, or USB flash drives. It is important to have the flexibility to save images and other related data to different media for backup or sharing.

        Wi-Fi apps Sharing

        Some cameras can now be connected to smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi. This feature allows users to import IR images to their mobile devices for portable analysis, report generation, and sharing. When time is of the essence, the advantage of being able to wirelessly send thermal images and IR inspection reports from one part of the facility to another or from the field via email is huge.

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            The Frequency Asked Questions Of Noyafa Thermal Cameras

            Noyafa Thermal Imager Cameras FAQ ?

            Noyafa Thermal imaging cameras tend to work better at night, but it has nothing to do with the state of the surrounding environment being light or dark.

            Rather, because the ambient temperature – and, more importantly, the core temperature of otherwise-unheated objects and environments – is nearly always significantly lower at night than during sunlight hours, thermal imaging sensors are able to display warm areas at higher contrast.

            Even on relatively cool days, heat energy from the sun will be gradually absorbed by buildings, roads, vegetation, construction materials and more while ever it’s daylight outside. And, for every degree these sorts of objects gain in ambient temperature over the course of the day, they become less clearly distinguishable from other warm objects the camera’s sensor is being used to detect and highlight.

            For the same reason, most thermal imaging cameras will display warm objects in sharper contrast after several hours of darkness, rather than just after the sun sets – and, even during full daylight hours, they’ll usually be more effective in the early morning than in the middle of the afternoon.

            This tool is only good for heat sources. For water leaks, check out Youtube it shows a simple way to check for leaks. Otherwise, your best bet is to pressure test your pipes, expensive and needs big machinery.

            Noyafa Thermal Imager cameras don’t tend to work well underwater. The reasons are, in part, related to the issues with glass outlined above.

            Water blocks a lot of infrared wavelengths, much as an opaque barrier blocks visible light wavelengths. In the same way that we can’t see through paint, infrared sensors can’t ‘see’ through any significant depth of water, because the waves it detects don’t pass through water easily.

            Water also provides another challenging issue for IR cameras, related to thermal conductivity and specific heat. Water has a much higher heat capacity than air, requiring four times as much energy to raise or lower the temperature of an equivalent volume by one degree.

            In practical terms, this means that objects lose (or gain) their own heat energy relative to water much faster, and over shorter distances. For thermal imaging purposes, objects are therefore naturally harder to differentiate when submerged than they would be in the air.

            Well, no – but to be fair, they don’t ‘see through’ anything at all. A thermal imaging camera detects the surface temperature of the first object in its line of sight; point one at a wall or other solid surface, and it will register the heat being radiated outward by that surface

            Because most buildings are engineered and insulated to trap heat, exterior thermographic imaging seldom reveals much about what’s going on inside and vice versa. There are some caveats here: an IR camera can be used to detect extreme heat radiating from behind a wall (such as in the case of a house fire), because the wall itself would quickly heat up too.

            Similarly, some thermal cameras are sensitive enough (up to +/- 0.01 Celsius) to register the warmth given off by a person, for instance, standing against the opposite side of a sufficiently thin (and cold!) wall – but only if they remain in place long enough for their own body heat to partially transfer through the materials of the wall in that spot.

            It’s a self-contained rechargeable battery.

            Yes,we have it in stock and we can ship it out soon.

            yes,all of our products are freeshipping all over the world.

            This tool is only good for heat sources. For water leaks, check out You tube it shows simple way to check for leaks. Otherwise your best bet is to pressure test your pipes, expensive and needs big machinery.

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