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Ltl Acorn Game Camera Filter lense Technical Information

Posted by DealOutdoors Team 02/07/2015 0 Comment(s) Ltl Acorn News,Acorn Guard News,

Ltl Acorn Game Camera Filter lense Technical Information
We got some questions from some users about the filter lense in the ltl acorn trail camera before. So we would like to explain something here for your information.
Normally, the ltl acorn game camera filter lense won’t move when you shake the camera, and it will move automatically during night when taking photos or videos.

If the night photos are all black or half black half white, then that is the problem of filter, which did not open and close totally.
That's not a problem. That is the camera's filter film, when the light changes the filter film can move to adjust the intensity of light.

In daylight mode the IR filter lense is across the lens, while in night mode it moves away.

Sometimes these filters lense have been known to stick, resulting in pink daytime images 

Black nighttime images are also caused by a sticking IR filter. If the filter sticks in front of the lens it will prevent the camera seeing IR light at night.

The filter lense can be freed by sharply tapping the side of the camera case with your knuckle, which is usually enough to get it working again, even if you have to do it a few times.

So all of our ltl acorn game camera included the latest vession such as Ltl-5210, Ltl-5310,Ltl-6210,Ltl 6510,Ltl-5510,Ltl-6310 are all like this.

Pictures that achieve maximum effect, essentially all of the cameras have this filter sheet .It is normal.AcornGuard game cameras also applicable.

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